Having the right real estate agent means having an agent who is committed to helping you buy or sell your home with the highest level of expertise in your local market. This means also to help you in understanding each step of the buying or selling process. This commitment level has helped me build a remarkable track record of delivering results.

Nothing is more exciting to me than the gratifying feeling I get from helping people meet their real estate needs. You can count on me to always do what's in your best interest. I pride myself on being honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable in the real estate market. I know how important it is to find your dream home or get the best offer for your property. Therefore I will make it my responsibility to help you achieve those goals.

Whether you are an experienced investor or a first time buyer, I can help you in finding the property of your dreams. Please feel free to browse our real estate website at: and let me guide you every step of the way by calling or e-mailing me to set up an appointment today.


Irene Christensen


The ever-changing tax codes and regulations may present a challenge for you to prepare your tax returns correctly. We stay current with the various tax codes, regulations, and rulings and strive to minimize your tax liability by maximizing all possible expenses and deductions.

Our tax professionals have the necessary resources to prepare any type of return for any particular year. We can also assist in reconstructing missing records so that you do not lose the benefit of expenses and deductions to which you should be entitled. Furthermore, while there is always the risk that a tax return may be audited, our tax professionals can help minimize that risk by spotting potential problem areas that may trigger an audit.

Tax Negotiation & IRS Tax Resolution

If all of your tax returns have been filed and a remaining tax debt cannot be paid, we may be able to reduce your liabilities through various tax resolution services, including a tax settlement through offer in compromise or a waiver of penalties and interest via an amnesty program. Other tax negotiationservices are available, including setting up a monthly payment plan, or simply deferring payments and collection activity. Experience is the key to providing the best possible assistance with tax debt issues, and we have gained the necessary experience through years of providing tax resolution and negotiation service.



ITIN APPLICATION:          $40.00

SHORT FORM:                   $80.00

LONG FORM:                    $100.00

SCHEDULE C:                  $150.00

AMENDMENTS:                $175.00

CORPORATIONS:            $350.00